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December 18
Lacey Berry
Gourmet Cheesecakes- DIXON, CA
Learn to make gourmet cheesecakes. We will make classic vanilla bean, a layered cheesecake,and a candy bar cheesecake just like from your favorite restaurant.

What our customers are saying:

I loved both classes that I've taken (with different instructors, both are passionate about what they do, very enjoyable and helpful). Lacey was delightful and efficient. She made the class fun, and her cooking - very tasty. I love the way she simplifies things to make cooking easy and fun for everyone. She really cares about people.

The pressure cooking class was great. I already use a pressure cooker, but learned new things in this class. I love the recipes Lacey shared, and would love to have the pressure cookers she demonstrated! They look so easy to use.

I went to the Creme Brulee class today. AWESOME!! Had to stop at store and race home and make some! Lacey, can't wait to see what you make next!

I thoroughly enjoyed Lacey, she was very informative, and I loved how she made sure each member in the class got to SEE what was going on, even if she had to walk from person to person to show us.

I can't believe how much I didn't know about making whole wheat bread before taking Lacey's class. I love that she showed the reasons behind each step of making the dough. It was definitely a hands-on class, and that helped me so much. I can't wait til I can attend more classes from Lacey!

I loved, loved, loved both classes I attended. I learned so much about making bread. I've attempted to make bread before and my results were not so good, so I always buy my bread. not any more! I went straight home and tried it and was so excited to see that I really could do it and my family loved it! Thanks Lacey

Thank you for a fun and informative class today (1-18-10). You provided wonderful hints and tips for bread making. Your class left me eager to try the Bosch bread maker with the whole wheat recipe provided. Great job of instructing which will ensure my return again to another class.

Loved your fun and educational class! I learned so much. I am so excited about using my Bosch and making those great tasting breads! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of baking!

I have come to several classes now and I have been inspired to cook the new cuisines at home. I really enjoy the variety of class offerings and the sampling of the food. Thanks for having the classes!

Lacey! Your classes are wonderful that you offer at your Kitchen Center. Me and my family have enjoyed the rewards of these classes. Thank you! I look forward to continuing the rewards of these classes. Oh, and just in case you didn't know YOU ARE AWESOME!! Definitely know what you are doing. You amaze me. Keep it up.

Lacey... you are fantastic... I love your classes... I loved your store... Thanks so much for all your efforts... You are a doll.

All the classes are so great! So inventive and informative! It gives me such a boost that I actually want to cook something extra special! And OH! All the fabulous cooking "toys"!!! Love them!!

I love all the classes you are offering! They look wonderful! I can't wait to go. Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks again for the class tonight, I LOVED it! It was a riot!

Lacey, just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying the wheat grinder. Much, much nicer than the k-tec. Your bread recipe is awesome. Looking forward to being in your class on the 7th. Thanks for the one on one last month. Please set aside 3 oil containers, 2 dough enhancers and 6 butter cans, if they are available, for my March 7 purchase. Your other classes look very inviting - hoping to attend some on future trips to Utah. Sure wish I had known about you 5 1/2 years ago. Thank you, Lacey and Todd!
-Judi (Washington)